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It’s the end of the world!

In light of the fact that today is the end of the world, (or supposed to be) many people are scared, or excited. As for me, I am just tired. I woke up early for work and was occupied with that for most of the day, so the “end of the world” didn’t come to mind very often.

However, now that I am home and comfortable on the last day of Earth, what should I do? I could get plastered! Na … I’m not much of a drinker, and it’s overrated anyway. Well, I guess I could hang out with some New Age people and talk about the apocalypse or the “three days of darkness” that is supposed to be happening right now! Ummm … na … I’m kind of sick of talking about the Mayan Calandar to be honest. What should I do then?

I’ve got it! Why not listen to some hair metal? Yeah! As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of bands like Dokken and Europe. And what do you know? I have some Dokken and Europe tunes that fit right in with the topic of the day!



Seasons greetings from Europe … in 1986.

It’s been awhile since I have made a post, what with the holidays (and even the end of the world) approaching.  However, with all of the craziness of the season, I decided it would be cool to post a Christmas related video.  This video is of Europe members celebrating Christmas in Sweden in 1986. They are speaking in Swedish in this video, but it is worth watching just to see Joey Tempest, Ian Haugland, and Mic Michaelli tripping at the bottom of a mall escalator!

Also, be sure to watch Mic saying he would like “peace on Earth” for Christmas. It is in Swedish also, but it sounds almost like he is saying ‘figgy pudding’.

How do you rank your hair metal albums?

An interesting piece on rateyourmusic.com has a list on the 100 most notable albums of the hair metal genre. While this is not an official list, it gives an idea of what albums another hair metal fan considers to be the best.

I have to admit, this is an interesting list. Some of the choices I found to be surprising, because I don’t consider albums like Lean Into It by Mr. Big, The Wild Life by SlaughterBig Game by White Lion, or Detonator by Ratt to be some of the greatest hair metal albums of all time. That is understandable, though, because not everyone has the same tastes and opinions.

There are alot of really notable albums on this list, and I am glad that Creatures of the Night by KISS is on it. It is definitely my favorite album by the band, and not to mention the heaviest effort.

I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions, and diversity always opens the door to (hopefully friendly) debate. What do you think of the list? Any left-out albums you think should be on there? Any albums you would take out of the list entirely?

Feel free to comment!

Europe through the ages: Full length Europe concerts.

I love Europe. Highly underrated, but very talented. I have mentioned them several times on this blog, but they are one of my favorite, if not my very favorite band. Alot of bands to emerge from the hair metal years were naturally put into the category, and Europe was one of them.

Unfortunately, this label is looked down upon by modern music listeners, and may also be the reason why bands like Europe, Dokken, and Winger do not get the recognition they deserve. But those bands I just mentioned along with several others were more than just “hair bands”. There were a number of “poser” bands, but Europe definitely is not one of them.

Listening to Europe, whether it is studio or live cuts, it is clear that they do what they do because they love music, and when it comes to playing live, Europe has always been able to deliver. They sounded great in 1986, and they still sound awesome today!

I found several full concerts of Europe shows on You Tube. The concerts are from 1986, 2004, and 2011, so they show the progression of the band throughout the years. They just get better and better with age!

Check out the full-length concerts below.




Stryper gets heavy with the classics

As many may remember, Stryper was different from most other hard rock/hair metal bands solely for the fact that they are Christian. Their lyrics definitely reflect their religion, and the music reflects their love for rock music. Instrumentally, they hold up well to any other band of the genre with the guitar work of Oz Fox and vocals of singer Michael Sweet.

Known mostly for albums such as Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With the Devil, Stryper have decided to go back to these classic albums and re-record some of the songs in a harder fashion. Of the re-recorded songs, Michael Sweet says: “One word to describe the record? Heavier”.

The re-recordings will be released next year, according to hairbangersradio. I am not usually a fan of re-recordings, (as evident by the T and N remakes of old Dokken songs) but I will probably check these out anyway. Who knows? They may be pretty cool.

Here are some classic Stryper tunes!



Hairband fistfights on you tube! Sort of…

There is a series of videos on You Tube called “Hairband Fistfight”. Essentially, each episode consists of a group of three guys on the road who pass the time by rating two musicians from two different bands. They rate the musicians on different categories, and whichever musician has the most points at the end of the episode, wins the “fistfight”.

While I do not always agree with their opinions, or the outcome of each fistfight, the episodes are still worth taking a look at.

Here are a few of the episodes. They are fairly short, so if you have a few minutes to kill, check them out.



It’s time for a KISStory lesson.

This week I am in a documentary mood, as you may have noticed from yesterday’s post. I have said it many times, but I am very thankful for YouTube. There is so much to find there, and just when I think I have found it all, another cool video crops up. I have found a number of interesting documentaries and videos on the history of some of my favorite bands, and the hair metal genre as a whole.

Today, I am posting a video on the history of KISS. The documentary mostly goes through the band during their early years in the ’70s, but also goes into the reunion of the original line-up in the mid ’90s as well. It is interesting that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are the only ones wearing the make-up in the interviews though.

Anyway, check out the videos below!

Ready for a hair metal history lesson?

On You Tube, I found an interesting documentary on hair metal. It goes through the early beginnings of some of the most popular hair metal bands of the era, up to the decline of the hard rock and heavy metal genre. There is also some good information and personal interviews about the self-destructive lifestyle alot of the bands lived, and how it ultimately destroyed their careers. And, of course, it goes into how the Grunge movement changed the rock and roll scene forever.

Check out the documentary below.

Time to ratt and roll next year…or is it?

I remember reading earlier this year that a new Ratt album was going to be released this summer. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. After the awesome 2010 comeback album Infestation, Ratt was definitely on a roll before going on another hiatus. This past year, however, the band seems to be back together and were planning a new album. And here is the really awesome news: original bassist Juan Croucier has rejoined the band.

This news is great simply because Juan was a major factor in creating the Ratt sound. Also, after all of the differences between the band members, it seemed almost certain that Juan would never rejoin the band. This makes it all the more surprising and exciting that he is back. Juan also joined the band at the M3 Rock Festival earlier this year, which was actually his first appearance with the band since rejoining.

As for the new album…I don’t know what is up with that. Drummer Bobby Blotzer, who is now also playing with Queensryche, has alluded that the album is not happening, while singer Stephen Pearcy says it is going ahead. So is it on or off? I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Check out this M3 footage of Ratt!

A wild interview with Mick Brown

Ted Nugent, T and N, and Dokken drummer Wild Mick Brown, was interviewed by Decibal Geek in what is quite possibly the most comprehensive and enlightening interview I have ever read from the drummer. Mick Brown has always been the laid-back, party animal type. Past interviews I have read form him definitely reflect this, especially since they usually lack substance.

This latest interview, however, is honestly a fun read. Brown really goes into some detail about his life and career and says some cool bits that I have never heard before. He discusses how he got into drumming as a kid, the formation and struggles of Dokken, the Hear N’ Aid project with Ronnie James Dio, the Monsters of Rock tour in ’88 and much more.

Brown also gave some insight into the future of the T and N project. “Anyways there will be a part two, we have already recorded a bunch of the old Dokken tunes from the early days, now what’s possibly going to happen is that George, Jeff and myself might write some new material and if we can get Don involved, maybe it will be Dokken material”.

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